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Illustration - Vector

The illustrations on this page were produced using vector software - Freehand and Illustrator. They're all very clear, bold and graphic as a result.  

Book Covers

The book covers shown below were produced for a several different publishers. The first row shows Big Books for whole-class use in Primary school, the bottom row are both Academic texts.

Illustration - Vector

Vector Diagrams and Maps

The Roof Service Company was a third generation business that specialized in slate roofing. They'd got past the stage of sending out typed sheets of information to builders and architects, so I designed them a folder and loose information sheets (that could be selected according to any particular enquiry) for insertion into it.

Illustration -Vector Roof service


My local butcher changed hands and the new owners wanted a logo that didn't use the traditional sort of imagery associated with butchers' shops. The footy club also wanted a new logo - with a demon and flames, and incorporating the letter 'C'. 

Illustration - Vector logos


Mimosa Publications produced numerous programs to teach maths, designed specifically for the USA market. The Growing with Mathematics graded-level program was the largest of these. The following diagrams, maps, and illustrations are all taken from Grades 3-6 Student Book components of that program.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.