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HOP! Little Hare

Published by Little Hare Books, with text by Margaret Wild, this charming picture book is all about relationships and growing up. Little Hare and Grandpa go on a quest. Little Hare hasn’t yet learnt to hop, but when Grandpa needs help, Little Hare does something so extraordinary he surprises the whole family!

You can buy it online at:,,, or order through your local bookshop.

Illustration Hop! Little Hare

Illustrating HOP! Little Hare

After a lengthy period defining the characters, costumes, setting, and style with the art-director, this story required three redraws on the way through the process. It took close to 400 hours work by the time I washed out my paint-brush! Was it worth it? Hell, yeah! And I got to design it as well, so the pics got the typography they deserved.


Little Hare's art-director - David Francis, wanted a soft, nostalgic, water-colour look, reminiscent of Beatrix Potter, to match the sweet story. I also had to stay right away the character style used for an already-published book that used hares as the principal characters.

Illustrating hop little hare 1


The obvious way to do this was to put them into clothing and behave more like humans. I started with Victorian clothes, but it all looked too stiff and starched, so I turned the family into a bunch of peasants or itinerant workers from a non-descript age that obviously isn't the present. They live in the open like hares, but use some human implements.

illustrating hop little hare 2


The story setting is a place that could be anywhere that has seasons, to appeal to the North American and European markets. It's also very similar to where I grew up and now live, in South-Eastern Australia - minus the gum-trees.

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